Onboarding and Setup - Supplier Account | Marketplace

Onboarding and Setup - Supplier Account

There are three steps to set up your Supplier Account:

1.     Change, Confirm or Add New Supplier Account Information

Your Supplier account will be created by the Marketplace Platform administrator after your application to participate in the Marketplace is approved. You will receive the new supplier administrator notification email that includes the user verification link. Use this to create your password and gain access into the Marketplace. 

You are required to review, change or confirm the pre-populated Supplier account Information, as displayed below.

2.     Provide bank account details (applicable to New Zealand domiciled Suppliers only)

Completing this step will let the Marketplace team to Activate your account. An account must be Activated in order to add Applications.

The Marketplace is provisioned with a billing and payment engine that collects money from Purchasing Agencies by Direct Debit and pays New Zealand domiciled Suppliers by Direct Credit.

You are required to enter your New Zealand bank account in the Marketplace. The bank account data entry fields are presented in this format: BB-bbbb-AAAAAAAA-SSSS, where B is the bank number (2 digits), b is the branch number (4 digits), A is the account number (8 digits) and S is the suffix (4 digits).

If your bank account is displayed as 6 digits and the suffix as 2 digits, add leading zeroes to pad the digits, i.e. BB-bbbb-AAAAAA-SS becomes BB-bbbb-00AAAAAA-00SS.

For the Marketplace to be certain the payments are made to the correct bank account, we need you to email specific bank account information to marketplace@dia.govt.nz.  Acceptable evidence may be any of the following:

  • pre-printed deposit slip which includes the full bank account number (bank, branch, account number and suffix) and the account holder’s name or
  • bank statement which includes the full bank account number (bank, branch, account number and suffix) and the account holder’s name or
  • An internet printout which includes the bank logo, full bank account number (bank, branch, account number and suffix) and the account holder’s name and the web address along the top or bottom of the page.  This does not need to be signed or stamped by the bank unless all the above is not provided on the printout

3.     Upload of the GCDO Cloud Risk Assessment Questionnaire (also known as the GCDO 105)

Completing this step will allow your submitted products to be published live on the Marketplace for consumption.

You must complete the vendor questions on the GCDO questionnaire before your product/application can be published on the Marketplace.   If you have previously completed the GCDO questionnaire simply email a copy to marketplace@dia.govt.nz.

Need to complete the vendor questions on the GCDO Questionnaire? Access it here: https://www.ict.govt.nz/assets/Guidance-and-Resources/Cloud-ICT-Assurance/Cloud-Risk-Assessment-Tool-v1-1-1.xlsx.

The questionnaire is on the third tab of the spreadsheet.  Remember to filter to ‘vendor questions’ before completing as you are only required to complete these (rather than the entire list).